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hierarchy vs. network

… after all, he is, just like me, only a pawn in the defining conflict of the era, the battle of Hierarchy versus Network.

I see battlefields everywhere: is the Church a Hierarchy or a Network? Is the climate change movement solidifying the existing Hierar-chy (by promoting a fear larger than all previous fears) or a grassroots shift to include nature in our Network? Is the infrastructure of the internet a Hierarchy or a decentralized Network? And the  European Union—Hierarchy or Network?

They are all both at once—a duckrabbit. That’s why conversations on these topics are difficult: one side sees the duck, the other sees the rabbit. Still, the answers can only come from the members of these entities. Nothing distinguishes a Hierarchy from a Network but the members’ own perception. The Church can be a Network, the inter-net can be a Hierarchy. There is nothing keeping the Hierarchy alive but the slave’s mind. And the Network is protected by nothing but the catalyst’s own free thought.

In the end, the Hierarchy will succumb.

And the Network won’t win.