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The parallels between a personal quest, business intelligence, startups, enterprise management and the political debate will keep growing closer. All these domains are, in their own space and pace, shifting toward decision-making in an over-informed, post-truth, post-hierarchical, fluid, dynamic and experiential world.

And, as a direct effect of the growing volumes of data, the new decision-making will have the following traits:

  • The fundamental post-truth dilemma is not 'true' or 'false'. It's 'useful' or 'useless'. That's where the cognitive cost is the highest.
  • It will need to be realized through a synergy of human and artificial intelligence.
  • It will be highly subjective, dependent on business strategy, personal preference, experience, beliefs and meaning.
  • It will push us toward becoming ourselves.
Terabytes of Truth
With a growing volume of channels, content producers and social bubbles, it's increasingly difficult to discern what's true from what's 'fake’…